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PostPosted:Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:03 am 

Joined:Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:09 pm
I already posted this list of gpu-compatible variations and my observations about what works, to the JWildfire Academy Facebook group, but I thought it might be useful here too.

arch, auger, bent, bent2, bipolar, blade, blob, blur, boarders, bubble, butterfly, cell, conic, cos, cosh, cosine, cot, coth, cpow, cross, csc, csch, curl, curve, cylinder, diamond, disc, disc2, edisc, elliptic, escher, ex, exp, exponential, eyefish, fan, fan2*, fisheye, flower, flux, foci, gaussian blur, handkerchief, heart, horseshoe, hyperbolic, julia, julian, juliascope, lazysusan, linear, log, loonie, modulus, ngon, noise, oscilloscope, parabola, pdj, perspective, pie, polar, polar2, popcorn, popcorn2, power, pre_blur, radial_blur, rays, rectangles, rings, rings2, scry, sec, secant2, sech, separation, sin, sinh, sinusoidal, spherical, spiral, split, splits, square, stripes, swirl, tan, tangent, tanh, twintrian, waves, waves2, wedge, wedge_julia*, wedge_sph, whorl.

No camera angles, no rotating triangles on zx or zy planes, no post symmetry tab, no pre or post (except preblur), some combinations of variations don't work in the same transform (for example, two arches in the same transform does not work). Only one final transform can be used (and its color speed needs to be set to 1 for the colors to match the preview). Only one layer. Black background only, no background pictures. Single-color background setting has an odd effect on the colors but the background is still black. Linking transforms works great. fan2 works, but with continuous lines instead of choppy. wedge_julia works, but has a mirrored look. What doesn't work is generally newer variations or those that end in 3D, wf, bs, or q.

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